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NSA 4-1 on Santa Maria Road

April 26, 2010 Comments off

In the recent mailing that went out to Topanga residents regarding the upcoming Topanga Evacuation Exercise on May 1, we regret that an error occurred on the list of Community Safety Areas (CSAs) and Neighborhood Survival Areas (NSAs) to be activated during this exercise (salmon colored sheet you received).

The list you received indicates that NSA 4-1 is located at 3150 Santa Maria Road. This is incorrect. Although this was the original location for the NSA in that area, the location has changed. The new location for NSA 4-1 is Fair Hills Farm, located at 2735 Santa Maria Road.

This address correctly appears on the CSA/NSA listing on this website under the CSA/NSA tab at the top of this page.

We apologize for any confusion.


Alert LA County

April 2, 2010 Comments off

Los Angeles County has implemented an emergency mass notification system that will be used to contact County residents and businesses via recorded phone messages, text messages or e-mail messages in case of emergency. The system, called Alert LA County, will be used by the County’s Emergency Operations Center to notify residents and businesses of emergencies or critical situations and provide information regarding necessary actions, such as evacuations. The system utilizes the telephone companies’ 911 database and is able to contact land-line telephone numbers, whether listed or unlisted. If the call is picked up by an answering machine, the system will leave a recorded message. If the number called is busy or does not answer, the system will redial the number in an attempt to deliver the message. The system is also TTY/TDD compatible.

Please visit the Alert LA page tab for more information and to view a sample message you might receive in the event of a wildland fire in your canyon.

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