TOPANGASURVIVAL.ORG is a product of the Topanga Emergency Management Planning Program, which falls under the auspices of 3rd District County Supervisor Sheila Kuehl.

This program is a collaboration among the 3rd Supervisorial District, Fire, Law Enforcement, Public Works, the Chief Executive Office, Los Angeles Unified School District and, most important, the Topanga Canyon Community to create an emergency management plan that is tailored and unique to this particular community.  This is a pilot program, the foundation of which will be used to create emergency management plans in other unincoporated areas of Los Angeles County.

The community of Topanga was selected to be the pilot for this program because wildfires and landslides are significant threats to the area.  Because of its steep terrain, narrow winding roads, and limited accessibility, emergency management planning in order to prepare for and respond to these disasters is crucial.  Add to this the fact that Topanga Canyon has an active community volunteer roster, and the volunteer-based Topanga Coalition for Emergency Preparedness (T-CEP), with a proven success record in activating an Emergency Operations Center during a disaster.  All of these factors combine to make Topanga Canyon the perfect community on which to base the foundation for creating emergency management plans.

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