Survival Guide

The Topanga Disaster Survival Guide, 2nd edition, was distributed in 2017 to Topanga residents free of charge. To view or download your own copy of the guide, see links below.

View or download a PDF of the full Guide.

Use the links below to view or download individual Guide sections.

Section 1: Introduction

Table of contents; important phone numbers; online resources for emergency prep education, real-time emergency updates, traffic and weather updates; relevant social media accounts.

Section 2: Preparedness

Family Emergency Plans; Pets and other animals; disaster kits; emergency notifications; volunteer opportunities; preparedness tips for wildfire, earthquake, floods, slides, storms and extreme weather.

Section 3: Response

Wildfire evacuations; what to do during and after an earthquake or major storm.

Section 4: Recovery

Disaster psychology; reducing stress in children; getting disaster assistance.

Section 5: Other Hazards

Fire station 69 response; parking regulations; hazardous materials; poison oak; rattlesnakes; terrorism and active shooters; downed power lines.

Section 6: Topanga Resources

Topanga Coalition for Emergency Preparedness (TCEP); Neighborhood Networks; Topanga CERT; Arson Watch; Topanga Animal Rescue; North Topanga Canyon Fire Safe Council (NTCFSC); Topanga Town Council.

Section 7: Zone Maps

Public Safe Refuges (PSRs); Public Temporary Refuge Areas (PTRAs); Topanga All-Zone Map; individual Zone maps; Zones by street; assigned Family Radio Service (FRS) channels by street.

Section 8: My Emergency Plan

Templates for creating a Family Emergency Plan.

Section 9: Glossary and Acknowledgements

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