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PLEASE NOTE: As of August 2014, the Topanga Disaster Survival is in the process of being updated and reprinted. Once completed, a new Guide will be mailed to all Topanga residents, and this new guide will also be available for download here.

To view or download complete copies of the Survival Guide and/or Supplement, use these links:

Topanga Disaster Survival Guide
Topanga Disaster Survival Guide Supplement

Click on any of the links below to access the various chapters of both the Topanga Disaster Survival Guide and the more recent Supplement. You can also access the Wildfire Survival Chain, and Zone Maps (entire map and individual zones).

Table of Contents
This is the Table of Contents for the original Topanga Disaster Survival Guide.

Chapter 1
Introductions from County Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky (3rd District), Topanga Emergency Management Planning Steering Committee, and a special message from Battalion Chief Mike Sandeman.

Chapter 2
Topanga Resources – important phone numbers and websites.

Chapter 3
Family Preparedness – important section to be filled in by YOU! Contains your personal information, out-of-state contact, emergency contact information, special household needs, etc.

Chapter 4
Animal Preparedness – Dogs, cats, and other small animals; large animals; equine pickup points; pet and vet information (fill in).

Chapter 5
Home, school, and business prepardness – Disaster supply kits, home floor plans, safety checklists (inside and outside), school safety, etc.

Chapter 6
Wildfire preparedness – checklist, brush clearance, red flag weather, emerging from the flames, reducing stress during disasters.

Chapter 7
FIRE! Evacuation warnings vs. orders; evacuation plan instructions, sheltering in place, Community Safety Areas, Neighborhood Survival Areas.

Chapter 8
Earthquake preparedness – before, during, and after the earthquake.

Chapter 9
Flood, Slide & Storm preparedness – before, during, and after the flood.

Chapter 10
Other Disasters – Hazardous materials, poison oak, snakes, everyday parking in Topanga, terrorist warning levels, and information about Fire Station 69.

Chapter 11
After the Disaster – some common responses to disaster, frequently asked disaster questions.

Chapter 12
Neighborhood Networks – Developing an equine emergency plan; dividing up the neighborhood, Family Radio Service, Ham radios.

Chapter 13

Chapter 14
Individual zone maps for Topanga (Zones 1 through 9)  PLEASE NOTE: This section also contains a listing of the CSAs and NSAs located within the specific zones.  This listing was in effect as of the date of publication of the Survival Guide.  Please visit the CSAs/NSAs page of this website for the most current viable list of CSAs and NSAs, as changes are made periodically.  Thank you. (Note: CSAs are now called PSRs – Public Safe Refuge; NSAs are now called PTRAs – Public Temporary Refuge Areas)

Supplement – Table of Contents

Chapter 15 – Supplement
Preventing and Preparing for Disaster – Wildfires, Freeze, What can I do to help my community?

Chapter 16 – Supplement
Pet Preparedness and Evacuation – Pet Safety Pyramid; home away from home; animals other than cats and dogs; after the disaster; resources.

Chapter 17 – Supplement
Recovery – 10 Steps to Recovery; recovery household information (fill in)

Credits – Survival Guide

Credits – Supplement

Wildfire Survival Chain

Zone Map – Topanga (all of Topanga)
Topanga Tactical Zones 1 – 9

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