Survival Guide

The all-new Topanga Disaster Survival Guide is now available to the public free of charge. A printed copy of this 3-ring binder version was mailed to every Topanga address the week of November 5, 2017.

View or download a PDF of the full Guide.

Use the links below to view or download individual Guide sections.

Section 1: Introduction

Table of contents; important phone numbers; online resources for emergency prep education, real-time emergency updates, traffic and weather updates; relevant social media accounts.

Section 2: Preparedness

Family Emergency Plans; Pets and other animals; disaster kits; emergency notifications; volunteer opportunities; preparedness tips for wildfire, earthquake, floods, slides, storms and extreme weather.

Section 3: Response

Wildfire evacuations; what to do during and after an earthquake or major storm.

Section 4: Recovery

Disaster psychology; reducing stress in children; getting disaster assistance.

Section 5: Other Hazards

Fire station 69 response; parking regulations; hazardous materials; poison oak; rattlesnakes; terrorism and active shooters; downed power lines.

Section 6: Topanga Resources

Topanga Coalition for Emergency Preparedness (TCEP); Neighborhood Networks; Topanga CERT; Arson Watch; Topanga Animal Rescue; North Topanga Canyon Fire Safe Council (NTCFSC); Topanga Town Council.

Section 7: Zone Maps

Public Safe Refuges (PSRs); Public Temporary Refuge Areas (PTRAs); Topanga All-Zone Map; individual Zone maps; Zones by street; assigned Family Radio Service (FRS) channels by street.

Section 8: My Emergency Plan

Templates for creating a Family Emergency Plan.

Section 9: Glossary and Acknowledgements

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